GPDX - Grupo Português de DX

GPDX - Grupo Português de DX

terça-feira, 21 de outubro de 2008

TS7C - Anúncio Oficial - Press Release n°1

Press Release n°1




The F6KOP ARC once again on the road.


Hi friends  book your diaries


Between January 2009, 8th to 19th, you have a rendez vous with the yearly Provins ARC, F6KOP Dxpedition.


This year  with the help of Mustapha, DL1BDF the club is organizing a very important 12 days  long traffic in Tunisia.

The QTH choosen is the Kerkennah island, IOTA AF-073.


This year it's a F6KOP wish to permit to some newcomers to  discover the dxpedition atmosphere, by working with experienced operators, and getting  better skill in the pile ups. We want to make them the F6KOP new  operators for the F6KOP dxpeditions of  the future.


All HF bands will be worked, in CW, SSB, FM , and several digital modes like RTTY, PSK31, BPSK and also SSTV.


As it was made for  5H1C, XT2C and J5C, the team will pay attention on 160, 80 and 40m,  but all the other bands will be worked as well.


To do , at least six  , but probably seven stations, will work 24h a day, all with PA's into  beams, verticals and wire antennas.


More than 25 operators are already componing the team namely :


Ø      Frank, F4AJQ, Team leader and former leader of all the past F6KOP
Dxpéditions - - SSB and Digimodes –

Ø      Mustapha, DL1BDF, - SSB -  Digimodes , - Public relation with Tunisian authorities -

Ø      Bernard, F9IE, - CW traffic leader

Ø      N6OX, Bob,  - SSB traffic leader


Ø      Jean-Paul, F8BJI  traffic leader.


Ø      Sylvain, F4EGD, - SSB and digimodes -  He is also the QSL manager of the Dxpedition.


Ø      Flo, F5CWU - CW ,  SSB – He  is also assistant QSL manager.


Ø      Gerard, F2VX, - SSB –


Ø      Bill, N2WB  -  SSB   CW –

Ø      Michel, FM5CD - CW  SSB  Digimodes -

Ø      Sébastien, F5UFX, SSB – CW


Ø      Sébastien, F8IJV – SSB


Ø      Jean-Luc, F6BIV, SSB, Digimodes  -

Ø      Norbert, F6AXX – CW -

Ø      Alain, F6ENO   – CW –

Ø      Dieter , OE8KDK  - SSB   Digimodes-

Ø      Stefan, OE8SKQ  - CW -

Ø      Mathieu, F5PED -  CW  -

Ø      Eric, ON7RN  -  SSB  CW -

Ø      John, F5VHQ – SSB - (only for a part of the stay)

Ø      Romain , F8BUI – CW -

Ø      Gillares, F1HRE  -  SSB -

Ø      Franco, F4EVR, -  SSB -

Ø      Michel, F5EOT – SSB –

Ø      Arno, OE9AMJ – CW , SSB –

Ø      Tony, G0OPB CW SSB

Ø      Gabriele, I2VGW  - SSB  CW  Digimodes

Ø      XYL Anne Marie LAURENT, Photo reporter


The last operator's applyings are to be considered and this list will be completed very soon.
So please don't call Frank, F4AJQ anymore. The list is now closed.



Ø     Pilots Stations : Pascal, F5JSD, Serge, F6AML, Thierry, F4TTR and Bruno, F5AGB.

Ø      Webmaster  : Vincent, F5MJV; the Website is expected to be active soon.

Ø      Internet Communications : Maurice, F5NQL, ( UFT mailing list), for TS7C.
(To receive directly on one's mail box the TS7C  news, both in English and French language, ask to :


QSL via Sylvain, F4EGD, either direct or bureau.
The complete information will appear on tne Dxpediton Webpage



As each year a lot of friendly companies will support our efforts to give this rare IOTA to most of you. Numerous individuals are doing so.  Support and donations are welcome. We thank all of you.


So see you down the TS7C logbook.


73, TS7C team


Maurice, F5NQL, Internet Communication for TS7C



73 e Obrigado , Carlos Nora - CT1END
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