GPDX - Grupo Português de DX

GPDX - Grupo Português de DX

sexta-feira, 24 de julho de 2015

Activação da Ilha da Berlenga IOTA EU-040

O GPDX-Grupo Português de DX activará a Ilha da BERLENGA (IOTA EU-040) entre os próximos dias 11 e 15 de Agosto.
A equipa é constituída por CT1EEQ, CT1EGW e CT4NH que utilizarão os próprios indicativos/P.
QSL via 'homecalls'.
Um muito obrigado à Marinha Portuguesa.

sexta-feira, 3 de julho de 2015


Tendo em conta a actividade de Din YB8RW na activação de referências IOTA, segue uma transcrição da carta que enviou a um membro do GPDX a informar detalhes da actividade e quantidade de cartões que tem que responder.
Isto explica a demora da resposta, não é por falta de vontade mas apenas por volume de correio.

Thank you for your email, read his happy, thank you appresiaisi in my activities.

QSLcard I sent early and that has been accepted by most of my friends are QSLcard for sponsors / donors' activities OC-274 sent by the Team Leader I YB4IR Imam.

you should know that after the DXpedition OC-274 Penyu islands, I have yet to go home because I'm missions Tour DXpediton 2015 to OC-271, OC-271, OC-246 and OC-222, which has received QSLcard so I was sent directly by the YB4IR as my team leader who is responsible to the sponsor / donators (Angel's) for Operation OC-274.

I explain a little more, and Important you know that, I arrived home 02 June 2015 after the Tour DXpedition for 45 days, to OC-070, OC-271, OC-272, OC-273, OC-274, OC-246 and OC-222 and It took 3 days to break past 7 days print QSLcard, I took a few days to prepare an envelope and qslcard to that claim, then send them. and I start to send begin on 15 June 2015  and continue every 3 days, and now this day everything is ok, already send to all claimed from the world, and also for you my friend, dont worry.

I hope with this information you can understand how busy handle themselves QSLing for all the needs of my friends in the world for the IOTA hunters and it is important and as my duties and responsibilities as an activator and DXer.

Please see my pictures are busy with Post Officer to prepare to sending QSLcard to all the world and I'm sure includes for your all requested via OQRS because the more I preferred to claimer via OQRS, via post mail is still a long work because I have to see and adjust the Log me whether existing data in the report QSOs qslcard them or no, if it does not exist and is not true, I never would have noticed, unless properly I will also serve and immediately reply. it is my principle as DXers and activator. he he he, I hope you can understand my friend.

Thank you for your email, you also need to be patient and wait. Many thanks for appreciation and your cooperation. I pray God bless you and your family, see you in another operation.

Please this news can be forwarded or submitted to friends firmly and wisely so that they can understand.

Best regards,

Din, YB8RW

Algumas fotografias do QSL "handling"